Top Ten Ice Cream Flavors

1Cookies N’ Cream

whats better than cookies and milk, well you know. COOKIES AND CREAM!+309

Cookies and cream is the greatest ice cream I’ve ever had. It’s vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies mixed together. Put them in a blender and enjoy. Thanks for letting me give out my opinion.+211

Its tasty even as gelato! I will eat it anywhere any time just so so so tasty and yummy and a great snack for movies and parties and dessert wow I love this flavor very much.+160

You can’t beat it. It tastes awesome. The texture, the creaminess,

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Chocolate ice cream makes me happy!+188

I LOVE CHOCOLATE it is the best ever it is good and tasty yummy sweet.+165

Milk, dark, swiss. It doesn’t matter all chocolate is good. It’s awesome with toppings but still great without.+151

Who doesn’t like chocolate, wait all the weird vanilla people, UGHnew

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3Mint Chocolate Chip

Way better than pistachio! I don’t know why it is tenth! It should be in first! Best flavor ever!+134

My personal favorite! Refreshing mint combined with Chocolate… How can you go wrong.+121

Mint always makes me happy. I always can count on Mint to cheer me up if I’m EVER upset+114

Best ice cream every!new

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Vanilla. The ultimate flavor of ice cream! It has this basic flavor which you are almost always in the mood for. I found this site which shows the flavors of ice cream which were bought most, and vanilla was number 1! I hope it can be number 1 on this site too!+195

Vanilla is the original ice cream flavor, you can find it anywhere in the world, it’s worth every bite, and a crowd pleaser+123

Vanilla is the best flavor, it’s so creamy and delicious, tastes better than chocolate in my opinion.+106

Most vanilla in the world comes from Madagascar!new

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5Cookie Dough

Best ice cream ever! As a kid who didn’t love eating raw cookie dough and vanilla ice cream? It’s the perfect combination of cookies and ice cream without having hard chunks of actual cookies.+136

yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy! ah… cookie dough brings back memories…+85

Cookie dough is sweet and delicious! Even better in
ice cream! I vote it #1!+81

You can’t not go through your childhood NOT eating this, it’s a great flavor all year round, love this! ~new

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Strawberry ice cream is the best there’s no other flavor’s that I would choose its got a creamy taste with sweet strawberry’s to make it better!
Everyone else in my family like different flavors but really strawberry’s the best!+78

Strawberry ice cream is so refreshing and flavorful, but simple and timeless.
Its not that bad for you and yet maintains a flavor as good as cookie dough. Lovely!+51

deserve the top 3 spot, legendary – roblist+47


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7Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I love chocolate chip cookie dough. It is just so delicious. The flavor is so sweet. What’s better then vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookies dough?+107

I still don’t understand how CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH would be less popular than cookie dough. Its like putting love into love which= MORE LOVE! All the other kinds (except for chocolate) suck compared to chocolate chip cookie dough.+79

Chocolate chip cookie dough is the best. Please vote. Lots of chocolate chip and cookies. M. I always eat it. Lovely.+62

It is so good I love the

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8Rocky Road

This is so good. With marshmallows and everything. It’s not my favorite but still so delicious it should be illegal. I love it so much! It should be second.+40

Best with extra marshmallows and it should be under chocolate.+34

Dreyer’s Rocky Road (the original Rocky Road ice cream) is still the best of the best. Perfect blend of perfectly roasted almonds and “how-do-they-do-it” squishy marshmallows. If there are marshmallows in Rocky Road, they are usually very hard from being frozen. (And don’t get Rocky Road wannabe’s that only offer a marshmallow ribbon–that’s not true Rocky Road. ) Rocky Road is chocolate ice cream perfected!+24

This type is pretty good! – sum_fudgenew

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SERIOUSLY! How is the smuggly crap cotton candy ice cream ahead of neopolitan!?!? Neopolitan has chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. So you can get your rich, smooth chocolate. And your very open to toppings vanilla. AND the creamy fruitiness of strawberry. Neopolitan is better than 18. NEEOPOLITAN FOR THE WIN! – bubbles1111+16

My favorite because it’s my top 3 favorite flavors mixed. Sometimes I’ll also add some mint ice cream just to spruce it up a little!+11

Neapolitan is my favorite as it has three great flavors all in one. Should be in the top three not #13. Some of the above flavors should not even be considered ice cream.+5

Who likes buying vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry when you can get it all in one.(pistachio sucks)new

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a caffeine addict’s best friend – Queen-aholic+39

The best by far. It just wows me every time. Especially if you add hot fudge to the ice cream along with some almonds it is totally delish.+22

Perfect for pulling an all-nighter (=+18

Coffee and ice cream! Best! Star bucks needs this!

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